Strengthening Botswana’s education system by developing our creativity and innovation capabilities

Hon. Mr Jacob Nkate





We live in an era of great possibilities. The world is accelerating at a rate that only our young people can provide the energy to keep up with the changes. How well we equip them is how well Botswana can participate in the transformation. We need education that is innovative in its approach and that can bring out the creativity of our young people so we can build an innovation hub that will bring students from all Africa and also beyond Africa.

Moving forward is a lot about innovation and therefore tertiary institutions like Limkokwing University are important for Botswana to develop its education system.

The Limkokwing University has been helping to build Botswana’s human capital through its Kuala Lumpur campus. We are very pleased that the University has made a bold move to join us in Gaborone as we strive to transform the city into an education hub for the region. Limkokwing has the global philosophy and a reputable track record to inspire our youths to reach beyond and excel. I am confident that its strong focus on innovation and creativity will be a key factor for us to draw students from Africa.

My heartiest congratulations on the opening of Limkokwing in Botswana.

Hon. Mr Jacob Nkate
Minister of Education
Republic of Botswana