From Vision to Transformation

From Vision To Transformation

You can be creative without being innovative. But you cannot be innovative without being creative. Without creativity you can never arrive at innovation.

Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Limkokwing
President, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

Shaping hearts and minds to power global transformation

To excel in today’s fast moving world takes a special kind of skill to rise above the rest. It requires creativity tempered by critical analysis; an ability to concentrate, conceptualise and connect. The skill is about synthesizing information and arriving at innovation.

At Limkokwing University we open minds to “connect the dots” between the various disciplines; to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental correlation between creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. To achieve this, we create the campus environment where students are:

  • Exposed to exciting campus events that build social skills.
  • Challenged by industry projects that open their eyes to the complexities of the real world.
  • Stimulated with the personal freedom to explore and experiment to build confidence and shape opinions.
  • Engaged in incubation of new enterprises that merge creative and business skills to create new brands.
  • Involved in community work that adds value and meaning to their lives.

Reinventing Education

The solutions to the world’s problems lie in our young citizens, through their empowerment and through their involvement in world affairs. Limkokwing is embarking on a global quest to harness the energy of young people through strategic collaborations and establishment of campuses in three continents. We bring a new kind of learning where software skills, cultural competency, talent development and leadership provide a holistic education for the future movers and shakers of the world.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Technology may have transformed the world into a global village, yet there are many divides remain. These are gaps created by differing ideologies in some, and dire poverty in others. And the gap grows wider as disadvantaged and isolated nations face difficulties in keeping pace with the rapid global changes.

The knowledge gap can best be addressed through education that equips the next generation with skills to convert information into content that generates wealth and builds economic competitiveness of these nations.

Bridging the Innovation Gap

Most developing nations concentrate on production, leaving R&D and technology development to the more developed nations. And with each innovation the digital divide between the developing and the developed, widens. The Japanese, 50 years ago, changed their destiny by taking technologies available at that time, and then improving them through innovation. Developing countries need to re-think their future as the patterns of world trade and production trends change with the rise of China and other emerging economies. National R&D is required to bridge the innovation gap between countries and to ensure sustainable national development. At the root of this is the nurturing of a new generation inspired to create and originate.

Achieving Vision 2016

Every Motswana is a stakeholder in the country’s objective of transforming every sector of the national economy into a highly efficient and productive economy of growth.

Every Motswana must become a contributor to help the nation achieve its vision to become a productive, prosperous innovative nation.

Every Motswana’s ability to create, originate and innovate will expedite the country’s vision to achieve its objective of becoming an innovative knowledge economy of the 21st century.

Empowering Botswana’s Next Generation With 21st Century Skills & Knowledge

Botswana has been fortunate. The wealth of its natural resources has sustained its progress over the last four decades. However, these resources are finite, and therefore cannot function as the sole means to a sustainable future. Botswana has to look to its other resources to build the competitive edge that will sustain the national economy in the face of a fast-evolving and increasingly aggressive global environment.

Mindpower – the most powerful resource

A nation’s most precious and most powerful resource is its people. Empowering them will open the door to enormous possibilities. Everything becomes possible. Deserts can be transformed into lush, fertile, agricultural lands. A Motswana astronaut can land on the moon. A Motswana writer can produce the next box office hit. A Motswana singer can top the world’s charts. A Motswana business can make it into Fortune 500’s best companies in the world.

The most advanced countries are those that have recognized the power of the human mind. And these nations have built entire industries and economies based on what the human mind could conceptualise and realize.

The Limkokwing University of Creative Technology pledges its commitment and dedication to build this corps of creative and innovative human capital that will fuel the future of Botswana and in doing so lead Africa towards a new and brighter future.

Stimulating Creativity, Inspiring Innovation

Invention and innovation result when individuals are inspired to reach beyond the norm to explore the unknown and return with extraordinary solutions. The stimulus that provides the spark for discovery to take place is creativity.

Education bears the responsibility to provide the foundation for individuals to harness the power of creative thinking. Too much emphasis on critical thinking results in individuals who cannot break free from old traditional ways of thought and behaviour. This is the greatest obstacle that faces economies attempting to survive in a fast evolving world where invention and innovation hold the key to wealth generation for the well-being of their citizens.

There is a need for balance. Students must be taught to use the process of critical thinking and apply the principles of creative thinking to unlock their potential and become extraordinary individuals capable of extraordinary innovation in all aspects of life.

At Limkokwing University we go to extraordinary lengths to stimulate creativity and inspire innovation. We are embarked on a revolutionary concept using industry within university to engage students in the incubation of new lifestyle brands. This entails the involvement of students of different calibre and discipline to participate in the formation, marketing and promotion of these brands. These are brands that are real and that are being developed to grow as valid businesses to be franchised worldwide.

We believe it is not enough to provide students with paper qualifications after long hours of textbook study and some practical learning. We think our young people are ready for greater responsibility and should be given opportunity to express their individuality and present their ideas without having to manoeuvre their way through a multi-level management system that still describes the way businesses are being conducted in many places in the world today.

Here we are developing a young generation to think in innovative ways and we are providing the channel for them to express it with confidence.


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16th December 2008

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