Industry within University

From Vision To Transformation

Having a strong foundation in industry gives the University the edge when it comes to working closely with the private sector. The University began as part of a communications group that handled both government and industry projects. This 30-year track record gives the University an enormous advantage in providing valuable experiences to students.

Using the concept of Indusity – a word coined from joining the words industry and university – the Limkokwing University has been able to achieve what others can only dream about. It has created a task force of academic and industry collaboration where industry is able to conduct research and development minus the exhorbitant costs of hiring professionals. The collaboration enables students to participate in projects working with industry professionals to output work that is used by industry to promote their products and services.

The University is linked to the Malaysia Design Innovation Centre, Malaysia Branding & Packaging Design Centre, National Creativity & Innovation Institute, Council for Content Creation, Council for Effective Communication, Malaysian Institute of Directors and industry associations that include footwear, plastics manufacturing, timber products, printing among many others.

Through the collaboration the University is able to work with industry in unparalleled ways in product or service innovation. The ability to respond professionally has attracted industry to collaborate on special projects to obtain fresh new angles to marketing issues.

This unique collaboration with industry has also been extended to government with the intention to build national competitiveness and the country’s global reputation through innovative design and effective branding.

Helping industry innovate

With almost 25,000 creative minds from over 140 countries studying at Limkokwing University, worldwide, we are able to provide our industry partners with creative solutions that enable them to connect better with their consumers through product innovation that meets with the expectations of the target audiences. Indusity has been especially useful to those industries keen to build brand loyalty among a younger age group of consumers.

Helping students build winning portfolios

We intend students to work with some of the largest and most successful brands in the country that market a wide range of products related to footwear, electrical items, telecommunications, automotive and furniture among many others. Students will learn what it takes to create a product or design and take the process right through production to market promotion. Many will then be able to create portfolios that present a better picture of their capabilities as well as testimonials that reveal their dedication and commitment to the successful implementation of these projects.

Helping the country build global competitiveness

As industry improves its product line through innovation, the country will be able to build its global competitiveness. Indusity is a win-win endeavour that enables all participants to gain from this collaboration. And this is what we always strive to achieve at Limkokwing. We add value to the diploma/degree studies through innovation that builds on learning.


We have done this successfully in Malaysia and this has become the hallmark of a Limkokwing education. The Lesotho campus will be developed along the same concept. On campus we will incubate business units that will offer professional services in packaging design, graphic design, web design, 3D animation, audio-visual production, music composition, copywriting, scripting and other design management, brand development and creative services.

World Bank shows interest in Limkokwing formula for global education

The University’s unique focus on industry-led learning is making the global academic community sit up and take note. One British newspaper the weekly Independent splashed headlines that referred to Limkokwing in London as “the foreign university that is sending out shivers in the higher education world”. The World Bank has expressed interest in the University’s emphasis on industry relevancy of student learning and its bold initiatives to take the non-traditional approach to higher education that is now creating deep interest in governments of the developing world.

UNESCO singles out Limkokwing University for its modern infrastructure

At a forum on higher education research and knowledge conducted by UNESCO in Dublin , Ireland on March 2008 the Limkokwing University was singled out by as an exemplary university with modern infrastructure for research and knowledge management. 


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16th December 2008

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