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The world, they say, is flat, leveled by technological advancements and social shifts in global economics. The dotcom boom and the rise in outsourcing, offshoring and many other world-converging trends have flattened the world. In other words you can expect to have clients or an employer who lives miles away in another part of the world but your web-enabled working style would make it all seem as if they were just next door. Time, distance, geography and even language make little difference.

Globalisation, therefore, demands a new kind of graduate. One who is able to interact easily with people from other countries. One who can expect global postings in countries where his/her knowledge and understanding of other cultures can be put to good use. A Limkokwing student has the opportunity to be that person. The Limkokwing University provides a breakthrough learning experience that builds global knowledge of students through programmes that enable students to study in campuses around the world.

Limkokwing in Kuala Lumpur

At Limkokwing Kuala Lumpur students are exposed to the multicultural lifestyle created by young people who come from over 130 countries. Many of our students are from Asia and the fast rising economies of Asia demand a new kind of graduate. This exposure will result in creating graduates who are comfortable dealing with people from both sides of the world. As educators we know we have a role to play in making sure young people gain the right kind of learning that will make them better employees. And industry benefits the most from our global initiative.

Limkokwing in Africa

In Africa Limkokwing is working to create an education hub in Gaborone that will serve all of Africa. As the first foreign university Limkokwing is providing a creative learning environment to build Botswana’s human capital to support the country’s vision to build an innovative economy for the 21st century by 2016. Using Gaborone as the satellite campus Limkokwing University is expanding into Lesotho and Swaziland among other African countries. In Lesotho Limkokwing University has been set up in Maseru to build human capacity that will fuel the nation’s economic expansion into creative industries.

Limkokwing in London

The Limkokwing University comes to London with a reputation for creating a campus environment that challenges young people to fully develop their potential. It looks beyond the classroom to emphasise talent-building and personality development to produce graduates who are more confident, enthusiastic and outspoken.
London is an important part of the Limkokwing Global Classroom Programme that enables Limkokwing students, who come from all over the world, to spend a semester or a year to experience the unique lifestyle of this admired city, well known for its creative vibrancy.

One of five institutions accredited premier status in United Kingdom
In April 2008 Limkokwing United Kingdom received official endorsement as a premier institution after stringent evaluation by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) which is an organization appointed by the Government of the United Kingdom to ensure education in the UK is of the highest standards. An ASIC accreditation assures international students, their parents and education representatives that the programmes delivered as well as the premises of the institution conform to the appropriate standards and quality required under British law.

The Times Higher Education Supplement in UK singled out Limkokwing’s new campus in Piccadilly as a wake-up call to British universities that they should hire more from abroad to maintain their worldwide reputation for excellence. Officials taking part in the British Council’s Going Global conference noted that the Limkokwing London campus is a “sign of the times” of the harsh realities of globalization.

Limkokwing – 170 cities in 77 countries
While Limkokwing programmes are delivered in 25 countries the University has exclusive arrangements that enable our students to transfer to 170 institutions of higher learning in 77 countries where they may want to pursue research studies or continue their studies.

Incubating new brands for global franchise
At Limkokwing there are several business units which were incubated on campus for global franchising. These cover a huge variety of businesses ranging from website design & programming, content management, interactive & games design, planning & implementing IT infrastructure, video & sound production, CDRom/DVD production, music & sound design, events footage & editing, photography, hair design, fashion & apparel design, photo library, talent agency, copywriting/scriptwriting, brand packaging design & management, corporate identity design, campaign strategy & development, media strategy/ planning/ placement, event planning & management, architectural design & construction management, interior design, radio production, franchise development, fitness centre, music studio and F&B outlets.

Our global journey, in addition to the campuses in Kuala Lumpur , London and Botswana will include Beijing, Mumbai and New York to give Limkokwing students the chance to broaden their minds to understand the cultures of the world and work effectively in a global business environment.


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