Student Introduction

Limkokwing Botswana

Botswana's future lies in its ability to educate its young generation to provide leadership that fits in with the global changes. Empowering the next generation with the ability to create and originate will enable Batswana youths to utilize new opportunities...

International Students

Limkokwing University Botswana maintains the tradition of attracting international students from inside and outside the region.The inaugural intake of Limkokwing Botswana students included students from 9 countries throughout Africa.

About Botswana

Botswana is a land-locked country dominated in geographical terms by the Kalahari Desert - a sand-filled basin averaging 1,100 metres above sea level. Botswana's climate is semi-arid. Though it is hot and dry for much of the year, there is a rainy season.

Career Opportunities

Limkokwing graduates gain employment almost immediately after graduation. The campus is highly regarded. Our most successful students are head-hunted by various organisations looking for highly skilled and talented workers.