Student Support

The Students' Services has a lot more to offer, we offer many activities to help you complete
your student experience. Find out what our groups can offer.

CACTUS - Community Action
Community ACTion at the University of LUCT Botswana

CACTUS will be involved in a number of community-based projects in Gaborone and the
surrounding areas. These include holding parties for children, arranging days out, tutoring
children with learning difficulties and much more. CACTUS will hold information on other
volunteering opportunities available for students to get involved in.

New project coming to cactus: Tea Party, Chocolate Tasting, Cake Tasting, Coffee Tasting,
Cheese Tasting, and other sponsored activities.

Debates Society

Debating has been a University tradition for years and that's no exception at LUCT
Botswana. Our debates team will compete with great success in both national and international competitions.

Debating and the art of successful argumentation is one of the most distinguished and
transferable skills you will learn at University. Debating offers you invaluable coaching and
experience in public speaking as well as the opportunity to build your confidence!

We will offer you regular topical debates, free travel to competitions!, guest speakers, the
chance to meet new people and great outings.

Debates at LUCT Botswana, where every argument counts... Hope to see you at our
meetings soon.

Environmental Committee

It is the job of the Environmental Policy Group to take the lead in monitoring the environmental
policy of the country, ensure that all areas of the country follow existing policy, and to formulate
new policy for proposal to the Student Council as required.

If you are interested in this group, wish more information, or have a suggestion to make
regarding environmental policy in the Union, please contact the Studentsí Services.

Class Representatives

LUCT Botswana supports and enhances teaching and learning in ways which emphasize the
autonomy of student learning. We aim to offer a learning experience as innovative and dynamic
as any in Botswana higher education. We believe that your voice is critical to the promotion of an effective learning experience for all our students.

Student representatives are elected in departments at the level of the class, course, team,
year, or subject. They represent the views of their peers as members of departmental student/
staff committees, and course committees as appropriate and have an input into issues concerning
both academic studies and the development of other areas of University activity.

Students are also elected to serve on the Students Council which makes policy recommendations
for the University Students' Body. Representatives from STUDENT COUNCIL are then elected to
serve on Faculty Boards to represent the views of their peers.

Finally, other student representatives are elected annually to serve on the Executive Committee
of the Students' Council. They are elected to act on your behalf and are effectively employed by
you to run your Union the way you want it.

Film & TV Club

If you want to entertain audiences, Film and TV Group offers you the chance to film and edit
University events and present them in your own, unique and exciting way. If you want to meet beautiful, creative people with a zest for life, who are not afraid to go into uncharted territory
and film where they have been, and what they have seen. If you dream about life in moving
frames, in exotic locales, where fantasy can meet fiction in a film that you will be able to
conceive, direct and produce.

Remember & Give (RAG)

Rag is the student charity group within the STUDENT COUNCIL. They organize and take part in
a wide range of fundraising activities in the name of good causes. The crazier those activities
are the better!

There will be numerous street collections throughout the year, and members organize a range
of events. The biggest period of activity is the infamous 'Rag Week', which is coming up from September, during which members take over campus and generally cause as much chaos and
laughter as possible! Hope we see you soon!