From Vision to Transformation - Graduation 2008

Empowered to transform the economy with new Batswana creative energy to spur innovation

Diamond mining requires delving deep into the bowels of the earth to extract the gems highly valued by the world. In the same way the human psyche needs to be delved in order to extract the kind of mindpower that will move countries into new wealth generating directions.

The University's emphasis on creativity does just that. Botswana is beginning to have a vital base of young empowered citizens who will be able to take the economy - now so dependent on exhaustible resources - into sustainable directions that herald a new era for the country.

Batswana are among the most creative people in the world and the university has merely acted as the catelyst to ignite the passion and fire the imagination of these young talents. They have been enthusiastic participants of the process. They have shown discipline and displayed teamwork.

They are now ready to bring the knowledge and skills that they have acquired together with the character they have developed to manage the success they anticipate in the coming years.

My Congratulations to them all for thier commitment and dedication that have brought them this far. At this graduation we also salute our alumni who have kept the flag of this university flying high in Botswana. They have displayed the very characteristics that we have prepared them for and have achieved success at such an early stage of their careers.

Well done to every one and may the years ahead see you in the forefront of assisting this nation to move into new uncharted areas of economic development.

Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato' Dr Lim Kok Wing
President, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology