Learn to digitize to globalize

The global music industry is in a state of transformation. The changes are being forced by digital technology that enables global distribution of music over the Internet and easy access for people to download the kind of beat they like, no matter where it comes from as long as they can capture it in their PCs. Imagine, with the right tools and the right distribution channel, millions will be listening to the music you designed.

Become a sensation in music composition

We have the right connections to expose your musical ability to the world. We have forged strategic collaborations with Thames Valley University and Ealing Studios in London which is one of the oldest production studios in the world and who produce sound effects and music for blockbuster movies. We also work closely with local industry partners such as Astro, Hitz.TV and others. You will have the opportunity to be commissioned to produce new music compositions for commercials, documentaries, animation, product promotions and launches, and even films!

Perform live at a place you can jive

Limkokwing is a most unique place to turn your dreams into reality because not only do we teach sound and music design but we have an international centre in the heart of Kuala Lumpur where you can perform live before an audience that comes from around the world. There are opportunities to record your own album and interact with local celebrities like Ning Baizura and Yogi B.

Turn your passion into a profession

At Limkokwing even if you have not been formally trained in music you do have the opportunity to build a career in it. There are many things you can do in music that require skills in production and management. Sound engineering, music production, album design, concert managers, are a few of the openings you can choose to get into once you complete your course with us.

Complete your degree at London College of Music

Choose to study at Limkokwing and you will learn to use high-end industry standard digital studio equipment. You can choose to do a Professional Diploma in Sound and Music Design which is a two-year programme, after which you can exit straight into a career. You can choose to do a Diploma in Sound and Music Technology which gives you access into advanced standing to complete a BA in Music Technology at the London College of Music in UK.