Associate Degree in Sound Technology

As ever increasing higher definition technologies proliferate and the number of sophisticated viewing audiences continues to increase, there is an ever-growing demand for specialists in Audio Engineering. Sound Technology is a pathway for those students who recognise that sound is an expressive medium that influences our times. This dynamic medium of sound technology will extend its reach into film and television, the Internet, electronic games and mobile technologies.

This program develops skills to conceptualize, design and produce soundscapes, sound manipulation and music sequencing. Students will be exposed to key concepts in the study of digital sound and the introduction to key ideas in the cultural study of media technologies and the tools to analyze media messages in understanding cultural industries.

This course also deals with both audio and creative design skills when engaging critical issues involved in production. Graduates will be trained in the various stages of production processes and group dynamics in a creative team. The introduction of complete ‘Start-to-finish’ projects enables students to learn important conceptualisation and execution skills.

The Associate Degree in Sound Technology nurtures developing specialised skills in chosen areas of interest and professional proficiencies. Our goal is to enable all students to produce, conceptualize and apply their skills in fulfilling production responsibilities relevant to their practice. Further understanding is provided through a more theoretical understanding of the impact, meaning and implications of new digital media.

Entry requirements

Pass an ‘O’ Level or an equivalent qualification from a recognition institution by the local Ministry of Education.

Programme structure

Year 1
Semester 1
Semester 2
  • Creative and Innovation Studies
  • Drawing 1
  • Fundamental of Design
  • Introduction to Computer Skills
  • Presentation Research Study Skills
  • Professional Communication Skills 1
  • Human Hearing & Sound Foundation
  • Audio Signal Flow
  • Introduction to Analogue Workstations
  • Introduction to Digital Audio workstations
  • Basic Recording
  • Professional Communication Skills 2

Year 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
  • Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • Business Planning
  • Leadership Skills & Competencies
  • Microphone and Speakers
  • Advance Analogue Recording Applications
  • MIDI, Synthesis & Sampling
  • Professional Communication Skills 3

Year 3
Semester 5
Semester 6
  • Practical Internship
  • Project Report
  • Advance Digital Audio Workstation
  • Audio Live Sound
  • Studio Acoustics
  • Sound Design
  • Professional Communication Skills 4