1. Where can I study?
Limkokwing has exclusive and unique arrangements that enable students to spend a semester or two in a number of selected campuses located worldwide or transfer to complete the entire of their programmes in a second country. Current students can pick from over 100 universities situated in America, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.
2. How much does it cost?
The cost of studying abroad can vary depending on the country of your choice and the programme you wish to enroll in. Please contact the university to find out more about the location and destination of your choice.
3. Is there financial aid? (Scholarships, loans)
Special incentives and financial aids are provided to current students for specific campuses and countries. For those who wish to enroll into Limkokwing directly, specific loans and scholarship schemes are made available. Please contact the university for more specific information.
4. What are the options available?)
The global classroom allows student to travel the world as part of their study programme. With special arrangements made with selected partner universities, you will either be able to spend a semester abroad for the international exposure or complete your final year in a selected university. This option will subsequently allow you to graduate with two degrees as your credits become recognized by Limkokwing and the other institution of your choice.
5. Am I qualified?
As a Limkokwing student, the Global classroom has been planned in such a way that it fits your current syllabus. So as long as you are currently studying a Limkokwing programme, you will be eligible. However certain countries do not offer the area of study that you might currently be enrolled in. You can check our countries list for current programmes offered in specific countries.
6. Do I need medical or travel insurance?
Yes. International Students are advised to take up medical insurance provided by the University upon their arrival. For those traveling to a second country, additional insurance will be provided for students who wish to extend their coverage.
7. Where will I live? (Will Limkokwing
     help find accommodation)
Accommodation will be prepared for you as part of The Global Classroom package. Limkokwing will work with its partners to ensure the students get accommodation that is comfortable, secure and affordable.
8. Can I work part time while studying there?
     (will Limkokwing get me a job, how
      many hourscan I work?)
This depends largely on which country you decide to study in. Each country has a different set of work related laws defined by their respective governments. Students will have a chance to work on campus at Limkokwing based on availability of vacancies.
9. Why should I study abroad? What will I
       gain? (the global graduate)
Students who opt for the semester-abroad programme will definitely gain in confidence, maturity, be cultured and get more exposed to international cultures. You will be better able to cope with cultural differences in the workplace
and you will be much more independent than
your peers.

Those who wish spend a longer time abroad can opt to complete their final year of their studies in selected partner universities to graduate with two degrees in the same time others would take to complete just one degree.
10. When can I study abroad?
       Which semester?
Current Limkokwing students can choose to spend a semester abroad from their semesters 3 up until semester 6. You must be in Malaysia for the final 2 semesters (semesters 7 and 8). As for those opting for a dual degree – you will only be allowed to transfer during your final year.
11. How long can I study abroad?
This depends on a number of factors. If you intend to complete your course in the usual duration of 4 years, you would be able to spend 2 years abroad. However, if you do not intend or need to complete your degree within 4 years, you may extend the duration to whatever you wish so long as you sustain it financially.
12. Do I need to know another language
       besides English to study abroad?
No. All Limkokwing partners use English in the classroom. However, you would get the most out of the experience if you also spoke either French, Italian, Spanish or Dutch depending on the country of your choice.
13. Will I get credit for courses I take abroad?
Yes. Through special arrangements made by the university, all your credits will be transferable so the duration of your course is not affected. You will still complete your studies within the 3 or 4 years of your Bachelor’s Degree but with the added global advantage.
14. Will studying abroad delay my graduation?
No. Considering most degrees require 4 years (if you include 1 year of foundation studies), studying abroad will not delay your graduation.
15. Will studying abroad help my chances of
       finding a job?
Definitely. Studying abroad will give you a much deeper understanding of different (especially European) cultures and languages. It will improve your confidence and your ability to connect socially with a wider range of people. You will have experience at your disposal that a majority of other people wont, and it will be obvious to your employer.
16. Is the standard of education higher
       or lower?
The standard of education is very high throughout the Limkokwing University network. All Limkokwing partners participating in The Global Classroom initiative adhere to very strict quality assurance standards.
17. Is there a minimum academic requirement
       to study abroad?
Yes a minimum of SPM/ O levels.
18. Do I need a visa to study abroad? How can
       I apply for it?
You may or may not need a visa depending on your nationality, and the ties between your country of origin and the destination country. Limkokwing will however manage the entire process for you. Convenient, yes?
19. How do I apply for the global classroom?
The first step is to make contact with Limkokwing; give us a call at
+603 8317 8333, or send us an online enquiry indicating your interest in The
Global Classroom.
20. When are the application deadlines?
The application deadlines depend very much on the 4 intakes throughout the year, have a look at our intake dates page for the intake dates.
21. When will I know if I have been accepted?
We will get back to you within 1 week from the day we receive your application.