The Global Classroom
The best of both worlds.
Come join us at Limkokwing and explore the best opportunities you can have to become the most employable graduate in the world. Whether you choose to complete your studies at our main campus in Cyberjaya or enhance your studies with an overseas stint you gain from the global exposure and the specialised focus on knowledge and skills.

Expand your learning.
The world is your classroom.
The Global Classroom is a revolutionary way of learning in several countries while en route to complete your degree. It's a different, innovative kind of learning experience specially designed for a globally-focused graduate keen to tackle the challenges of a globalised marketplace.

As a student, you will add value to your degree study as you chose to do your semesters in countries that add to your learning experience in the field you have chosen.

For example, if you are a business student, spend your semester in Geneva, Switzerland, which is world-renowned for business management and financial studies. You will pick up vital information about European business culture, not to mention making important contacts for networking.

You could then move on to London for your next semester and see the business world from a different point of view while you gather important information that will help in your future projects.

Everyday you will interact and study with students around the world. This multi-cultural exposure and the highly creative and innovative experience will mould you into the most international, most confident and most accomplished in-demand graduate in the region.

Your credentials will single you out as a person with the right skills and right exposure that employers, all over the world, are looking for. They seek the more knowledgeable and talented graduate who understands the cultures of other countries and is able to forge new business links.

Limkokwing provides a global network with access to campuses in 5 continents where you can choose to do part of your studies. We strongly recommend a European tour because the European Union is the world's leading exporter and the biggest international commercial market on earth! Understand the business culture and absorb the innovative spirit that is sweeping across this continent.

Grab the opportunity to graduate with
two degrees.
While you are getting the credits to earn your degree from Limkokwing, find out how you can earn another degree at the same time from one of our selected global university partners.

Widen your career prospects.
Work anywhere in the world.
Your global learning experience will open pathways to work anywhere in the world. Your global network of friends, your exposure to the Limkokwing global environment will give you the extra edge that employers are interested in.

Become an in-demand Global Graduate.
Through Limkokwing you will become the most in-demand global graduate who is a highly mobile, creative problem-solver, an asset to any organisation whether it is the United Nations, a multinational, the government, a manufacturer, service provided for humanitarian agency.
New pathways and opportunities
Students that study abroad often find that the experience of studying abroad opens new academic pathways or career interests.

Increased employability
Many employers and graduates feel it builds maturity, capability and broad-ranging interests.

Cultural immersion
You will gain multicultural insights from your travels, the best from east and west.

Personal growth and development
The challenges that come from living and studying in a foreign country typically develop students that are more capable and confident in their own abilities to be successful in unfamiliar environments.

International network
You will become a part of an international community well-networked with global alliances and friendships

The rare possibility
University is a unique time for students to spend a part of their life immersed in a foreign country in a manner that is almost impossible later in their lives.

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